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The Black Business Builder's Club, is a Success University & Entrepreneurial Training Center, which offers its members access to the latest, cutting edge resources, training, tools and technology to help ensure their success. If you're in business today, it is vital that you have a successful internet presence.

Branding yourself as an expert in your industry or field is a way for people to get to know and trust you. However, if you don't know how to do that, or don't know how to drive traffic to your website, you won't make any money at all and be totally frustrated in the process. Did you know that over $10 Billion per day is transacted online? How much of that would you want to get for your business?Black Business Builders Club shows you how to do Internet Marketing the right way!

Additionally, with over $1 Trillionin annual spending power in the African American Community,it only makes good business sense to target this viable niche market. There are more and more Black people worldwide entering the internet every day looking for ways to earn income. We want to service this under-served market. We also features a powerful compensation plan that is designed to redirect a portion of Black wealth back into the hands of the Black Community. The potential withBlack Business Builders Club is virtually untapped. We invite you to take part in this historic initiative.


Membership Benefits, Resources, Tools & Training:

  • You Get a full set of totally complete and comprehensive Internet Marketing Audio & Video Training Tutorial Courses! You will be taught about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing,Video Marketing,Network Marketing,Social Network Marketing and Viral Marketing and much more.
  • You Get a massive E-book & Software Librarywith hundreds of Private Label & Master Resell Rights products on a variety of personal and business related subjects. Use them to grow personally and professionally. Or simply find what you want to sell and youKEEP 100% of the Commissions!
  • You Get the right to send an Unlimited Amount of Audio and/or Video Messages to other members within the BBB Club. This is great for team and alliance building as well as for Training, Joint Ventures, Advertising, Promotions and Collaborations!
  • You Get the right to send an Unlimited Amount of  Audio and/or Video Postcards to your friends,family,associates,prospects and general public to help promote whatever business or social interests you may have. You can even upload videos to the postcards from video sites like YouTube and put them on the cards along with your personal message and website links and contact information.
  • You Get the right to give away an Unlimited Amount of Travel, Entertainment & Shopping Certificates.This benefit gives you access to the best line up of promotional travel opportunities. Plus, packages for Entertainment, Shopping and Dining. They can be used for both online and offline promotions. Give them away to customers, clients, prospects, family and friends. Take a well deserved vacation yourself. PDF certificate files can be customized with your name and contact information.
  • You Get Daily Conference Calls,Bi-Weekly Training Calls,Free Business Website to Promote Your Primary Business or Interest, Several Promotional Club Websites Including One Like This and So Much More ... The List is too large to include everything on this page.
  • You Get an Affiliate ID with complete Back Office Administration and Member's Area which links you to a very Lucrative and GenerousMembership Referral Pay Plan with UNLIMITED earning potential. This is NOT Multi-Level Marketing, NOT Cash Gifting, & NOT a Money Scheme or Scam.
  • We offer every Member who is interested in earning additional revenue with our Affiliate Program the opportunity to build aSolid, Ongoing Residual Income from the Sale of Membership Subscriptions. Participation in our Affiliate Program is totally optional.
  • The Black Business Builders Club is both an Exclusive and Inclusive Business Membership Network. People of All Races, Creeds, Colors, Nationalities, or Religions are invited to join.

"This Membership Offers
Something For Everyone!"

The information is detailed and comprehensive. The expert advise is informative as well as inspirational. But it doesn't stop there! You have put together a fine organization and a well thought out affiliate program for average people to take part in and not only make really incredible money but to also promote and uplift our community.

This membership also provides useful tools - one that I especially like is the VIDEO POSTCARDS...it's fantastic! This system allows me to send out video messages and tell my story in my own words for about the cost of a US postage stamp!

This is truly an awesome membership! Everything you need to get started and grow a successful online business.

Keep stepping it up!!!

Don Williams
Dallas, Tx

"The Bomb ... Possibilities are Endless!"

You guys have made it practically impossible to fail with BBB Club!

The organization by every category, Networking, Internet Marketing, Resell Rights to entire product lines in multiple niches, how to videos, support, this can very well take someone who is struggling to make ends meet to a comfortable online income fast.


Jacqueline Taylor-Adams,
Master Griot Project
Philadelphia, PA

"An Economic Empowerment Plan and Networking - It's Genius!"

This organization has made it possible for people to globally network with others, receive a simple plan to prosper in every aspect of our lives, reduce financial stress and learn the proper way to conduct business on the Internet and in our communities.  This is simply GENIUS.

With Gratitude,
Rhonda Kaye

"Everything I was Looking For Was in One Location!"

 The Black Business Builders Club shares my vision of cooperative economics. It's an extraordinary business tools resource and it has also been an enlightening educational resource for me. It is certainly the home depot of business building and entrepreneurship. It is a gateway to success for any business, product, service or idea

Derrick Henry




The potential with Black Business Builders Club is virtually unlimited and untapped. We invite you to take part in this monumental entrepreneurial initiative. Black Business Builders Club shows you how to generate a sizable income by doing your Internet Marketing the right way! Take the Next Step ... Join Our Network! 


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You then will be prompted to make your second payment of $7 to NBBTA for Club Administration.Make sure that you click "Continue" or "Return to Website" as instructed and without logging off. Then check your email for a "Welcome Letter".

If it doesn't arrive in your Inbox within a few minutes, contact us immediately for login instructions. Write to: BlackBusinessBuilders @ Gmail (dot) com . Include your name and the email address used for registration.

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